Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry

   One of the conditions outlined in the Aung San-Attlee Agreement of January 1947 was the establishment of a commission that would investigate the sentiments of a broad spectrum of peoples in the Frontier Areas concerning integration with Burma Proper, which, it was hoped, could be achieved with "the free consent of the inhabitants of those areas." During March-April 1947, the eightman committee, chaired by Colonel D. R. Rhees-Williams, solicited opinions from many different ethnic minority groups, including those who had not participated in the February 1947 Panglong Conference. They included the remote Wa, whose leaders reportedly said they had no opinion on constitutional issues "because we are a wild people." Though a wide variety of opinions were expressed to FACE, there was general agreement among the minorities that they should enjoy autonomy and equal rights with the people of Burma Proper; but Karen (Kayin) leaders were bitterly suspicious of Burman (Bamar) intentions and demanded special concessions. The FACE Report, presented to the British and Burma governments in June 1947, included recommendations on state autonomy, representation of the Frontier Areas in the Constituent Assembly, and which territories should be recognized as part of the states, which part of "Ministerial Burma."
   See also Constitution of 1947.

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